IIEC Membership Fees

Insurance Institute of the Eastern Cape fee structure

Membership valid:: 1st January to 31st December. Individuals or Companies wishing to renew, please complete the Online Application Form
The membership fee:: R40 per person.

The conditions of Membership are as follows:

Members shall be such persons wholly or mainly engaged or employed in work connected with insurance whom the Council may see fit to admit upon payment of such subscription as the Council may from time to time determine.  The Council may in its discretion allow a person who has ceased to be engaged or employed in insurance to retain his membership or, if such membership has lapsed, to revive it.

We would like to extend an invitation to all members of the insurance industry from all areas of the Eastern Cape to become members of the Insurance Institute of EC. Please forward this newsletter to anybody in the outlying areas of our province who would be interested in joining the IIEC.

Our primary aim is to provide a vibrant and effective networking platform for the employees of Insurance Companies and Brokers operating in the province. We are a vehicle for members’ personal interaction, and serves as a forum for sharing ideas and knowledge – a point of connection and prime mover for advancing members’ interests within the industry, whilst simultaneously maintaining an acute social awareness. IIEC offers you, as a prospective member, the opportunity to meet, communicate, build relationships and network at all levels with people in our industry. We also have a monthly Newsletter to keep you informed of all relevant news and upcoming events.

IIEC’s role in building skills for the best of all possible futures for its members is pursued by its presentation of Educational Seminars, and Lectures, with prominent knowledgeable persons within the industry sharing their experience and wisdom with members, and by guiding prospective students to appropriate educational service providers i.e.: Colleges, Universities etc.

Membership Fees

Insurance Institute of the Eastern Cape membership and sponsorship fee structure

INSTITUTE MEMBERSHIP – R40.00 per person

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