Insurance Institute Eastern Cape Code Of Conduct

IIEC Code and Good Practice Guide

The Code and the guide to good practice set out the standard of personal and professional conduct required of members of the Insurance Institute of South Africa. A Disciplinary Committee, set up under the Institute’s constitution, deals with breaches of the Code and other cases of unprofessional conduct involving members or examination students.

The Insurance Institute of South Africa aims to promote the highest professional and ethical standards in the insurance business, both in Southern Africa and elsewhere. The President’s Committee and Membership of the Institute look to you, as a member, to uphold these standards and the reputation of the Institute by:

*       Behaving with complete integrity in your professional life;

*      Complying with the law and with the best principles and practice relating to insurance;

*      Conducting yourself in a professional and honorable manner towards those with whom you are in contact in business life;

*      Observing and applying the guide to good practice;

*      Giving due and proper consideration to the requirements and interests of clients and respecting the confidentiality of information;

*      Ensuring, if you are a diploma holder, that advertisements and other public announcements with which your name or qualifications are associated are not such as might bring the Institute into disrepute